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Custom Wedding Ceremonies of Central Virginia

Custom Wedding Ceremonies of Central Virginia

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♥  Traditional? Not since you were able to dress yourself and cut your own hair with craft scissors. Yet somehow, you do want to honor the momentousness of it all.

♥  You and your Intended are from different faiths or denominations, so you’d like a ceremony that is a blend.

♥  You’re religious enough (or not), but many of your family members definitely are — and you want them to feel comfortable.

♥  In fact, you consider yourself not religious at all…but still, you  want some semblance of familiar prayers and ceremonies growing up.

♥  Spiritual more than religious, you haven’t set foot in a church for eons (Christmas, Easter, and the Sistine Chapel don’t count)…but you’re keen to incorporate elements of ancient wisdom traditions that mean something to you.

♥  At the same time, there are sacred cultural traditions important to your families that you want to acknowledge in some deeply personal way.

♥  Maybe you’ve attended a Wiccan full-moon ceremony, Native American sweat lodge in Oaxaca, Tarot card reader, Tibetan Buddhist empowerment, Zen meditation retreat, Yoga camp, kirtan chanting and drum circle…so you're an explorer.

♥  You recognize the Divine in nature and many forms — and would like that  mirrored in an eclectic mix of poetry, music, rituals, and readings.

♥  But wait, one or both of you likes to keep things real…so the laws of science and ethics hold the only truths you’re willing to entertain.

♥  You want a ceremony that reflects your values, beliefs and idiosyncrasies, but still manages to resonate with your more dyed-in-the-wool relatives.

♥  You want to eat your buttercream-frosted layer cake and lose weight, too. 

If you nodded “yes” in agreement to any of the above , let’s take the next step.
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