Zac Fabian — aptly named because he is fab! — owner of Cville Wedding Video shot this of Kara and Alex’s Pippin Hill Farm wedding — August 29, 2015. (Please skip to around 9:45 if you’d like to see me performing the actual ceremony.)

The wedding of my revered hair stylist — and owner of The Honeycomb — for which I had the honor of being tapped to perform her ceremony (about mid-way through there’s a bit of it and a cameo of me). Super cool wedding. Bride had inspired idea to have it at the IX Art Park in Charlottesville — the first time ever anyone thought of that. Super cool Bride. She looked so incredibly beautiful. Cool guests. Someone drove a Tesla. People laughed throughout the ceremony. I thought I was on Comedy Central. The Bride heard from people afterwards, and two things kept popping up: The Food and The Vows. That…for an oft-forgotten wedding officiant (who wrote them)…is the limit! I just loved everything about being there.

Video of four-minute talk I gave at TEDxCharlottesville Open Mic Night — October 13, 2014. Unfortunately, the sound-quality is terrible (that’s the way it was engineered). But 500 people did hear me speak live at this event.

This is a gorgeous 2-minute “Wedding Day Diary” of Christine and Charlie on their horse farm in Powhatan, VA —
July 11, 2015. Please don’t be off put by spinning bubbles; simply click on arrow to play. (Many thanks to Keith Reagan Film & Video)