Hindu Wedding Vows for the Modern, Professional Couple

The following are modified Wedding Vows based on the Hindu marriage tradition of the Seven Steps, in which the couple walk in a circle. Due to the often voluminous Western wedding dresses, I did not include actual motion in these Wedding Vows, which I wrote for a Bride and Groom — with the Bride being of Indian heritage. Through research, I learned that the main thrusts of a Hindu wedding ceremony are: Harmony, Happiness, Growth and Respect. A marriage is seen as the start of a journey, naturally enough. But I also learned something else of note. Harmony in Hinduism for hundreds if not thousands of years has meant, in euphemistic subtext, that the Wife be obedient to the Husband. That’s how harmony is achieved. Obedience. As this was a modern, professional couple, I changed the language to reflect an equal partnership with more modern notions of marriage, e.g., I cut the word “sacrifice” for one. [Read more…]