Step-by-Step Template for Writing Wedding Vows as a Short Love Letter

Think of writing your Wedding Vows as a short love letter. This approach lets you speak from your heart, tapping into something deep within. Try using a pen and paper for the first draft rather than typing on a computer. There’s something more intimate about it. And don’t shy away from including your own unique flourishes; in fact, it’s encouraged.

The ultimate is to make your partner feel like a King or Queen. Pay tribute to them. Gush, in a dignified way, about why you’ve chosen them above all the rest. This means you’ll use the word “You” as much or more than you use the word “I.” [Read more…]


Personalized #WeddingVows (Forgiveness)

Not often enough, I think, do wedding vows address how any adversity will be reconciled. You can’t honestly support and comfort someone when you think they’re off course. You always have to remain true to yourself and not lose yourself in the other’s maelstrom of emotions caused by some whacky beliefs (in your opinion). It’s a disservice to think that “supporting” someone means you have to absorb their emotions…so that they can be calm — because meanwhile, you’re a wreck…and those emotions are not even your responsibility, which ironically makes them even harder to root out. [Read more…]