Hipster Couple’s Wedding Vows

The Bride and Groom are in their 20s — bought a house downtown in a funky Charlottesville neighborhood where no one else has yet had the foresight or temerity to venture — he on the restaurant start-up scene; she the owner of a hair salon with exposed brick walls on the Downtown Mall — and they had the brilliant idea to hold their wedding at Ix Art Park — the first  to think of it— a cool urban indoor/outdoor space. The Bridal Party simply walked from home in all their splendor to the venue.

The Bride’s arms are covered in tattoos, and the Groom’s attire adopted the Thom-Browneish “Perverse Prepster” look described in Simon Doonan’s recent Slate article, “Getting It Right; A field guide to the five tribes of modern male fashion.”

So — although they may hate this self-referencing term — they are what I’d call hipsters. And very very chill. But that doesn’t mean…. This was a first-class, all-out wedding. Equal parts hip and glamorous. One guest was driving a Tesla. There was an oyster bar and a band immediately following the ceremony.

The dining under the tent was all gold rimmed dishes and utensils, and hanging floral disco-ball decorations — with black accents, like the napkins…while the meat was being grilled on site by a small army of catering folks.

So imagine my delight when the Bride told me afterwards, at my next hair appointment, that the two things she was hearing back the most from guests who’d attended were:. The food and the Vows. The Vows! Are you kidding? For a Wedding Officiant…this is the limit! The ultimate in compliments.

So here are the Wedding Vows that stood out at this hipster couple’s wedding. I wrote them myself, by the way — or at least put my own spin on them. They might seem simple, but if observed will result in a magnificent marriage.

Wedding Officiant:

You now pledge your love and commitment to one another. The Wedding Vows you make are the words that will unite you together as Husband and Wife. The act of marriage, in essence, is a decision to take certain words seriously. One cannot live what he or she does not dedicate themselves to. To dedicate yourself to love, you must be forever growing in love. Therefore, these are the words by which you promise to live and grow, in good times and in challenging times, throughout the years ahead.

Celebrant (turning to Groom/Bride):

<Groom/Bride>, please answer, “I do,” when I have finished reading your Wedding Vows.

<Name>, do you choose <Name> this day
to love and confide in,
to cherish her individuality
and respect her differences?
Do you choose her this day
to trust in and to share with,
to learn from and grow with?
Do you choose <Name> this day
to give your heart to for the rest of your life?

Groom/Bride: “I do.”


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