Let Me Write Your Love Story & Vows

Cake Topper Day of the DeadSo you’re going to do it yourself, create your own ceremony. I admire your DIY spirit. (As you might glean from my homespun website.) And then someone such as your dear friend or family member is going to officiate. I’ve even heard of the bride’s father marrying them. Or maybe you’ve hired a Rent-a-Rev for the day.

I just want to point out that performing a wedding ceremony is not the same as giving a wedding toast or being the MC. The wording and tone ought to be different in order to convey the unique import of this transitional moment.

Don’t get me wrong. Funny is good…as long as the focus is kept on you, the couple — and not as a stage for the person performing the ceremony. (If you want to see what I mean, check out this video.)

If I were to perform your ceremony, I would tell your Love Story…instead of sermonizing. And it might be preferable to you if your Day Officiant tells your Love Story, too.

Which brings us back to your dear friend, family member or Rent-a-Rev…the person who’s going to solemnify your marriage. Are you comfortable sitting down with him or her — or just each other — and telling how you met, when you “knew,” what you love about the other person, etc.? Writing it all down and making it into a narrative? And then having your Day Officiant be the one to recount your Love Story aloud to your guests? (I have seen it done well, I will say.) And will she or he help you write your wedding vows?

Or maybe you’ve already decided to write your own vows. You know yourself best (or else your partner does). Can you honestly say that writing your vows won’t be nearly the last item on your “To Do” list? If the answer is “no,” I want to help.

Instead of waiting to write your vows on the morning of your ceremony, why not write a poem or note to your Intended that beautifully expresses your feelings in that moment? To be be delivered by someone while he or she dresses for the ceremony…or else shared on your wedding night in private? Or even saved to read with your now husband or wife on your first anniversary, while eating the wedding cake you froze for the occasion?

Because when it comes to getting your vows right…well, even Jack “spontaneous” Kerouac revised  at least six drafts of On the Road.

Actually, giving your vows some thought in the process of writing them is a good way to discover for yourself what exactly marriage means to you. It’s a clarification process…which I can assist you to navigate.

Hiring Me to Write Your Wedding Officiant Address and Vows*:

So no matter where you live, here — recounted backwards on the timeline — is what I’ll provide:

  • You get a pass or two at revising the completed first draft of your ceremony script.
  • I will write the Wedding Officiant Address for your ceremony, telling your Love Story.
  • I will either write your vows outright or help you figure out definitively what you want to say.
  • I will send you an abbreviated Couple Questionnaire to fill out separately.
  • First, I will Skype with you both to delve into what your beliefs and values are surrounding marriage, as well as humorous stuff, like your first date.

Then you can have your Day Officiant insert these sections into the overall ceremony structure. Or if you’d also like me to write any or all other elements of the ceremony script, we can work that out, too. And voilà! You’ve done it yourself, with a little ghost-writing assistance.

* Subject to availability.

Please email me for the details, my fee, and to ask anything else you’d like to know: